Sunday, February 20, 2011

Partner Work in Math {and life}

One thing I have tried to really focus on with my math students is partner work! Our new math series, Trailblazers, focuses a lot on working with partners and groups. Also, my classroom is made up of 17 students, 7 of special needs, so it is very important everyone works together. Our groups are carefully picked and the goal is for students to learn from each other.

Every time a partner activity is in a lesson, we review this poster by all reading it out loud and try to focus on one number (even though they are really working on all)

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=) AlwaysSunny

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Check Out Our Class Data Center!

In October, I began my first contracted year of teaching. I serve 39 kiddos throughout the day in grades 3-5 for Reading and Math. My 4th grade reading class consist of 9 students who had Unit test scores bellow grade level in October. Here is our Data Center I created the first week I began teaching 4th grade reading.
 This is posted in the front of the room so my students are constantly reminded of our class goal.
"Go Green" signifies B+ or higher on each weekly/unit test. After our class average is in the green range for 5 weeks, we celebrate with a read/feed or 'smarty party'
Although we our class average was low for the Unit 3 Test, (Weekly tests are mostly listening comprehension but Unit tests are strictly self read comprehension) they have really come back strong with 3 Green weeks! Way to Go!