Friday, April 15, 2011

H-O-M-E-R-U-N Motivation

Wow! This time of year goes sooo quickly and it seems there is never enough time to do everything!

I recently created a new reward system to help us get through spring time. I can't say this was all my idea {Thanks Mrs. Kerska @ Polk}. The goal is to make it around the bases and earn the letters of H-O-M-E-R-U-N for each time you pass homeplate.

Once students hit the goal of H-O-M-E-R-U-N on their baseball we will do individual awards such as: Sit in the teachers chair, computer time, SAT (student activity time) otuside, etc. If the whole class hits H-O-M-E-R-U-N by the end of the school year, I will bring in toppings for sundays.

As a first year teacher, I have been trying to keep rewards/motivation charts minimal. I realized last year, the moment you start rewarding for one thing, they expect something for everything. Plus, after doing a consensogram with my reading students, I discovered my particular students are most motivated by free time (read time) and free homework passes. I guess I always thought candy was most motivating--apparently not for these students. The last picture is the consensogram. Enjoy!

Baseball reward: It takes effort to score HOMERUNS!!!


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  1. I love the consensogram! I am going to do this tomorrow with my first graders! Thanks for posting and I'm your newest follower!

  2. I love the consensogram! I have never seen that and BOY! it makes so much sense!
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